How Black Directory Got Started

Brian Morse and Phil Bellmany launched Black Directory December 14, 2014 at the Mercedes Benz of South Orlando, a Black-owned dealership, with the goal of becoming the premier destination for supporting and locating Black-owned businesses.  From the day it was lauched, Black Directory has been the largest directory of Black businesses in the world. currently lists over 100,000+ Black Businesses in the United States, Caribbean Islands, Africa, Europe and in Canada.  The website is also a hub for Black News and thousands of Black Events from around the world.

“It is not always easy to find Black-owned businesses to patronize,” said Morse. “We created the site under three premises: the first was to make it easier to locate and to support Black-owned businesses.  The second premise was to support businesses and organizations that partner with the Black community.  The third premise is to refrain from frequenting businesses that do not financially advance the Black community.  

Black Directory's goal is to facilitate the circulation of the Black dollar and to make it easier to find Black-owned businesses.”  Black Directory lists Black-owned restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, banks, gas stations, shopping locations, grocery stores, doctors, lawyers, accountants, federal and state certified minority business enterprises, construction companies and more.  

“When we support Black-owned businesses, we assist in building the Black community, while also bringing down the unemployment rate and the crime rate in the African American community,” said Morse.  “Black Businesses are the second largest employer of African Americans in the United States after the government.  When we support our Black-owned businesses, we are directly investing into the Black community.”

"Since launching we have had many Black Directory Success Stories," said Morse.  Black Directory Success Stories are reviews and testimonials from Black Directory Members who have gained business as a result of being a Black Directory Member.  "We are addicted to our Black Directory Success Stories!"

Below are some Black Directory Success Stories:

A huge thank you from Anchorage alaska. Marcus I don't know if you remember me, but we talked on the phone about the Alaska Black Chamber of Commerce and business.  Then, I also followed you on your zoom and the Black Directory Zoom call.  You dropped some serious business jewels for me and I used that and it helped me get a $2 million contract with the Municipality of Anchorage and I just wanted to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you!

Referred Black Directory member, Oakmont Contracting, who repaired floors for BP.  BP reached out to the Black Directory to ask if we had a Black Directory Member to repair their floors.  We reached out to Oakmont Contracting and connected them with BP.  Oakmont Contracting secured a contract with the assistance of the Black Directory to repair the floors for BP.  This contract came as a direct result of being a Black Directory Member.

Black Directory assisted Gwen Hurt of Shoe Crazy Wine, a Black-owned wine line with getting inside of Walmart.   Gwen pitched her products to buyers at Walmart.  After Gwen’s presentation, Walmart said, “Welcome to Walmart”.  Gwen has been approved to place her wine into as many as 600 different Walmarts across the country.  This Walmart opportunity came as a direct result of being a Black Directory Member.

Black Directory connected Bryon Jennings of Next Generation Payroll and Krysta Pillow.  Krysta’s company needed marketing services to increase her sales.  Bryon Jennings provided SEO & Marketing for Krysta's company. Bryon's company optimized Krysta's website for Google and wrote new dynamic content to engage her audience and created a national ad campaign.  This contract came as a direct result of being a Black Directory Member.

Black Directory connected Sekou Cox of Enjoy Tech USA with Tuesday Brooks of AJOY Management, Tuesday needed workstations installed for her employees at her office.  Sekou configured workstations and a workstation network for her employees.  We spoke with Sekou about two weeks after he began working with Tuesday and he said that he was two-thirds complete and that he had already made his money back from being a member of the Black Directory.  This contract came as a direct result of both of them being a Black Directory Member.

Black Directory connected Willie Gaddy of GSO Staffing with Terry Emehel of Global Recruiters Network who provided executive level staffing placement for a corporate client.  This connection provided five-figures of revenue for both companies individually, which equated to thousands of dollars.  This Black Directory connection provided revenues in the five figures for each Black Directory member.   This contract came as a direct result of both of them being a Black Directory Member.

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