Birth Of A Nation Did Not Do Bad In The Box Office And Who Cares If The Film Wins An Oscar Or Not

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November 15, 2016 By Jen Nicole - Naturally Moi is the Largest African American Business Directory in the World!

Many mainstream websites online are reporting that Nate Parker’s Birth of Nation, did not perform well in the box office and I am here to tell you, that is simply not true.

It’s high time that Black people stop judging the success of our films based off of White Hollywoods standards of what success means. We need to have our own version of what success means. <—This I got from my boss Boyce Watkins and I 100% agree with him.

Birth of A Nation took $10 million dollars to make, only $10 million, remember it was an independent film that Nate Parker spent his blood, sweat and time to make, and since the film came out on Friday, October 7th, 2016, it has grossed $7.1 million dollarsI call that success, especially for an independent film, as he made more than half of his money back in the first box office weekend and remember he already got his $17.5 million dollar check from Fox Searchlight, to acquire the film. In addition, by the second or third week out, this film is probably going to have grossed triple the money it has now, because word of mouth is going to spread about the films quality and many that have not seen it, will want to see it. And you can’t forget that it’s going to see international sales as well, it ain’t all about America lol. Most independent films don’t even make more than half of what they spent on the film back in the first box office week, but Birth of A Nation did.

To me that smells like success!

Let me make it even more simpler for you, just the fact that he was able to get the money to make a film showing slaves killing white people on screen(which has never been done) is success, let alone him making it into the film festival to have it end up being the highest paid film to sell at the festival. If that isn’t success I don’t know what is.


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And I’m gonna be real with you, yeah I think the sales from the box office this weekend could have been higher if the powers that be didn’t try and sabotage the film by bringing up the Director and lead star of the film’s 17-year-old history around the same time the film started gaining momentum.

It seems that many Black people fell for the okie-doke too. Am I surprised? A little, as I thought we were all already hip to how Hollywood operates when Black people try to do anything for Black people on a major scale. But I guess some of us really have those rose colored glasses permanently fixed to our face.

What I need you to realize though, is that whether or not Birth of A Nation makes $100 million dollars in the box office or not, this film even getting made and put in more than 2000 theaters across the United States makes it a success. Nate Parker through all the hate, was able to put together an amazing film, showcasing Nat Turner and other slaves that fought back, and for the first time in HISTORYyou are able to walk out of a slavery film with your head held high, with your chest pumped out, feeling confident, not just knowing, but seeing on film that your people fought back! We were NOT all idle, we were NOT all docile, we ROSE UP.

Is the film Oscar worthy- hell yeah, but does it really matter if the film wins or even gets nominated for an Oscar? NO, the Oscars were made for White actors and White Hollywood, not Black actors and Black films. We need to get over our films not winning Oscars too, if one of our films doesn’t win an Oscar that means nothing, because the Oscars don’t even look at our films through our perspective anyway, they look at them from an old white man’s point of view(which makes up the Members of the Academy), and you already know what that view is- that nothing we do is ever on their level and dare I say award worthy.


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Birth of A Nation is worth every Black Award eligible for though. This film was made for US, it wasn’t made for them. So we need to celebrate it regardless of what the haters say. Seriously like do you think these white owned publications are going to give a movie that involves white peoples heads getting shopped off by slaves a good review? Any awards? Any good publicity? Like did you really think they operate on truth and NOT bias?

People, wake up, this is the society we live in. If some mainstream website rated Kendrick Lamar’s “Pro-Black” album 2 stars out of 5 would you believe them, or would you be going to, The Source, or Essence for their review of his album?

That’s what I am saying.

Black people, if you haven’t already seen the film, you need to go see it. We need to support each other, support this film, and support this Black man who directed, produced, wrote and acted in the film, which took 8 years to make. No Jewish person made this film, no white man wrote this film, a Black man did EVERYTHING, and we need to support that, period. We need to stop finding reasons to hate each other, judge each other, and find a reason to love and support each other and I think this amazing film can do that for us.

Thank you Nate Parker for making this film, thank you Fox Searchlight for bringing this film to the big screen and thank you Nat Turner for rising up against hate.