Black-Owned Watch Brand for Upscale Savvy Professionals


  • 1. savvy, driven & determined.
  • 2. overcomes adversity by any means necessary; the unrelenting drive to win against all odds.


Youngblood Worldwide is one to watch, literally. What is now expanding to include apparel, athleisure and other accessories, began as a watch company that sought to offer each client a quality timepiece, minus the inflated price tag.  The becoming of Youngblood Worldwide is not a success story without woes. Up against larger, more popular brands, didn’t dissuade Patrick Martin.  Martin launched Youngblood Worldwide in 2006. The Black-owned company was born out of a personal frustration.  “There were not many watch brands with styles that resonated with upscale savvy professionals,” expressed Martin.  Martin went on a personal journey to launch his brand and his vision.  

In 2009, Youngblood Worldwide partnered with Macy’s.  The brand began to grow its recognition and soon enough a few celebrities began taking notice.  As Youngblood Worldwide began growing and expanding, Martin learned a valuable lesson that comes along with growth and success.   Martin learned that his trademarked had been stolen. All operations at Youngblood Worldwide came to a nightmarish halt. Everything Martin had worked so hard for had been taken from him by a multi-billion dollar company.


It was evident that Martin’s trademark had been blatantly taken and was in no way an accident.  After a lengthy legal battle, a settlement was reached in the favor of Youngblood Worldwide. All unjust affiliations of Fossil, Diesel or Macy’s was removed from the moniker of Youngblood Worldwide.  This ordeal left Martin pondering how he could take his company to the next level.


After a while, Martin ran into that old familiar dilemma; there were too few brands offering to create quality, signature styles for savvy shoppers. This renewed zeal became the driving force for the quality of products offered at Youngblood Worldwide.  What began as a watch company, wrongly taken and rightfully returned, was expanding to cater to a more upscale clientele. Prices range from $49 - $200 on average. In addition to its flagship item, the company also specializes in ‘Made to Measure’ custom dress shirts that are delivered to your door.

An upscale experience with Youngblood Worldwide entails the client booking an appointment with an appointed Stylist. The client is then measured during a custom fitting.  The stylist receives a flat fee for each measurement. The stylist also receives commission in addition to the flat fee, pending the client has made a purchase. Stylists have an opportunity to earn extra commissions on each additional order made. “We create high-end goods at entry-level prices,” noted Martin.  With a guarantee like that, everyone benefits, both client & stylist alike.  Even after that dreaded setback, it’s no wonder Youngblood Worldwide has been winning since the vision for the company was born. 


It is Martin’s goal to continue growing and providing his Clients with high-end signature styles at great prices. He has also taken an interest in new and upcoming black owned businesses. “I want to help other Black-owned companies learn from our challenges and mistakes,” said Martin.  Currently, the Youngblood Worldwide is developing a platform that will support underserved entrepreneurs by providing resources that they need to grow to the next level.  Martin’s resolute philosophy and the mission at Youngblood are equal in caliber: “Commit yourself to achieving the impossible & you become capable of anything.”


Learn more about Patrick Martin and Youngblood Worldwide (YB) at  Patrick Martin is a member of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.  Click here to join the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.


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