Carmelo Anthony Calls on Activists to Continue their Work in Response to Trump Victory is the Largest African American Business Directory in the World!


New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony gave his thoughts on Donald Trump as president-elect after his team beat the Brooklyn Nets.

“Now it’s our responsibility as men and women to take things into our own hands and be role models and be our own leaders at this point, regardless of who is commander-in-chief,” Anthony said. “I think that we have more of a responsibility now, especially with the youth.”

“I’ve talked to kids today, this morning, and my family,” he added. “You can just hear the nervousness. They’re afraid, they don’t know what to think, they don’t know what to do at this point. It’s up to us as individuals to take on this responsibility. We can’t rely on a system or one person, and we gotta move on from it.”

Anthony, also an activist within the Black Lives Matter movement, urges those speaking out in demand of social justice to continue their fight as Trump heads to the White House.

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