Have You Ever Been Told That You Look Like Someone's Twin?

Twins @grindit2ufindit & @tmogul_live at the "TWIIN" preview party


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“The goal for Twiin is to bring people together to show that we're all alike in many ways. It also highlights life lessons and adventures that we all experience and can ultimately learn from.” – Antonio Riley

Antonio Riley’s one-of-a-kind, reality show series Twiin (2008) brings life to the saying, “Everyone has a twin.” In a world where identity revolves around social media presence, it’s almost impossible not to find someone online who looks like you in some way. In the early 20th century, six degrees of separation was absolutely a plausible statement. Yet, with technology and social media evolving at rapid speed, more and more people are learning that they are more connected to one another than they think. With every Google search, friend request, post and like on social media, people are bound to almost stumble upon their #birthdaytwin, #pregnancytwin, and even their universal #twin living their #bestlife either near or far. If you have ever happened upon someone who looks like you and wondered what their life is like, Riley’s television series Twiin  just might be the reality show for you.


Long before #twinning and #winning really became a “thing” on social media, Riley’s My Twiin Productions gained traction with its engaging and creative concept television series Twiin when it aired in Atlanta, GA. According to Riley, “The premise of the show is based in part on the notion that at some point in your life . . . you have seen someone that looks like someone you know, or someone has told you that they've seen someone who looks like you.  Once our production team finds the selected cast member’s twin, we take our viewers on a bit of an adventure that highlights the similarities and differences of people who look alike but have very different identities. It really takes our viewers on an educational journey of discovery, while also having a little fun with putting the twins’ looks to a trading places test.”  Check out the show reel below.

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My Twiin Productions - Antonio Riley 

With many successes under his belt, Riley is showing no sign of slowing down, despite overcoming many challenges. With a background in software engineering, Riley has what it takes to push his dream to develop new and exciting content for film and television, while also expanding his production company. Twiin has been featured on CBS 46 Atlanta with an interview by Julie Smith and a segment on the show Atlanta Plugged In. The show was also rated no. 2 on major television networks in Atlanta. This year, he is even more focused on expanding his show and finding show cast members who are eager to take the journey.  


So, if you have uttered the words, “hey . . . she or he looks like me!” Or, you have heard someone adamantly and somewhat convincingly suggest that they know someone who looks just like you, let My Twiin Productions help you find your Twiin. For information about show submissions, please visit www.twiin.tv.


“Twiin. Everyone has one. Where's Yours?” – Antonio Riley


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