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August 14, 2017 By Ladero Press

Ladero Press is a newly established Publishing Services Firm (PSF) with a focus on helping authors get their work into the marketplace.  Having begun the publishing journey after completing her first book, L.D. Robinson, the owner of Ladero Press, found that there was a lot to the process that might be daunting to a newcomer, who might have a great story, but may not possess the know-how or interest in the administrative art of getting a book on shelves.


Starting the company came as a bit of a surprise.  Yes, a surprise!  L.D. had no idea that she would start another company—especially, one that is so different from the one she already had.  After almost twenty years in the software engineering/IT space as a consultant, L.D. discovered that those beloved books she had purchased over the years required a lot of work!  Still, she was sure that this was what she was supposed to be doing, just like she knew that she was supposed to quit her job—without one waiting, no less—all those years ago, which led her to an exciting, travelling career as a consultant.



Ladero Press has been privileged to release two books since its inception in February 2017.  The first, Hot Enough to Melt Chocolate, was written by L.D. under her pen name, Laro Claitty.  Published under the Ladero Fiction line, Hot Enough, tells the story of two very different people who were surprised by love.  The second, released at the beginning of August tells the real love story of Angie BEE and her husband of four years, Bartee.  In the Beginning:  There Was God, Me & You is about love, relationships, forgiveness, personal change, and ultimately, recognizing God’s plan for partnership through the bringing of lives together.  Not a story to be missed, In the Beginning is a story of hope for those who wish to marry or remarry.  It is the first book to be published under the Ladero Inspiration imprint, bringing to total 2 books published in less than six months.


Offering services across the publishing life cycle, Ladero Press provides publishing, marketing, design and editing expertise.  While L.D. is indeed learning a lot about publishing, her years of working with different clients across different industries is helping.


Always interested in exploring the “Possibilities for Partnership”, which is what Ladero Press calls its New Author Recruitment program, the firm accepts unsolicited manuscripts for review.  If you are interested in a review of a manuscript, contact Ladero Press via email at [email protected] 

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