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“When it comes to declaring someone a triple threat, being an author should be an option. Path To Publishing makes sure its authors know their worth and the worth of their intellectual property,” says Joylynn M. Ross, CEO and founder of Path To Publishing.

Path To Publishing is the Triple-A of the literary industry, helping self-published, traditionally published, hybrid and POD authors get their books on the right path toward literary success.

The company serves authors of every genre no matter where they are on their literary journey. Through conferences, workshops, webinars, one-on-one consulting and online courses, Path To Publishing helps authors build their books, book business, and create multiple streams of income based off their literary works.

“Your book is the vehicle you put on the road for your literary journey. Let Path To Publishing help you build your dream car!”

“The Path To Publishing community is not just writers writing books. We are literary architects building literary empires. Books have just as great of an influence on society as music, film and dance,” says Joylynn M. Ross.

There are no shortcuts to obtaining literary success. Path To Publishing can provide you step-by-step directions on your path to achieve the literary success for which you are striving, from determining your category of work to preparing you submission materials. They will help you reach your literary goals in a cost and time effective manner. 


Path To Publishing is honored to now operate in Las Vegas, where they assist their new community in taking their voice, thought, idea, message or concept, put it in print, and share it with the masses. They are a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. and the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.

“Your book is the vehicle you put on the road for your literary journey. Let Path To Publishing help you build your dream car!” - Joylynn M. Ross.

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