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1015 Multimedia and Marketing was started while Patrick Kwankam was attending college surrounded by a variety of rivalry colleges in the area.  "1015 Sullivan Street was my cousin's home address and that is where we generally gathered.  The company's name is symbolic of where we lived and the experiences that we had while in that home," noted Kwankam.
1015 Multimedia and Marketing supports businesses and events by creating services for others.  Getting the word out by creating marketing materials added a unique marketing aspect of the company image as well.  The company creates content such as print, display items, yard signs, trade show items, YouTube video content and commercials.  "The marketing aspect is to support small businesses and everything that we do can support any small business owner, to get their business going and growing" states Kwankam.
Satisfied clients have included:
Foxy Brown
Dirty Money Entertainment who is the former management team for Nicki Minaj
A variety of school systems
Professional Athletes and families (such as wedding videos)

Since their launch, 1015 Multimedia & Marketing has created handout for distribution at sporting events and marketing videos for athletes too!  The company has also sponsored Nascar race drivers in the past and they are open to sponsoring other small business efforts.
What makes 1015 Multimedia & Marketing stand out from all the others?  "The biggest difference is the speed of project completion and affordability.  We are creating a competitive world because we are providing A-grade quality production.  Our clients receive quality product and services at an outstanding turn-around and for an affordable price price" states Kwankam.
We shoot videos by using a unique method which allows us to edit faster.  "If you only need a 60 second video for the project, why shoot two hours worth of footage that needs to be reviewed, considered and edited out?  We only shoot specifically what we need in order to be seen by the viewing audience," Kwankam informed us.   "All the shots will be used and the audio samples are already in mind as well.  Choosing the audio is time consuming as well, so most of our audio content is selected prior to the shoot.  The music allows you to connect with the video content which enhances the final project".
"The day before the shoot, you canvass all of your scenes ahead of time.  Just like any movie producer, you create a shot-list of anything you will be taping and that is what we do!" states Kwankam.  These aspects of professionalism helps 1015 Multimedia and Marketing stand out from the competition as well.
"We are growing through partnerships with other businesses that are willing to expand.  They know that we are opening our hand not only to obtain your finances but by helping you to grow.  An athlete is his own brand, so our company can help that athlete achieve visual content as an exchange or collaboration.  We aren't looking at "what's in it for us" but we are looking at how we can collaborate and have a long-term relationship of mutual growth," explained Kwankam.  

"An example is Thumbs-Up Lumbers.  We create visual and marketing content for this company and we looked at what we could offer them! The growth of your business helps us.  A recent client that we worked with was a start-up lawn care company.  Now this company information has been produced and distributed in over 20,000 homes. They have accumulated over $22,000 in business with only a website and marketing materials.  This was all accomplished as a result of only a $5,000 investment with us, all within a three-month time frame!  This was accomplished through an effort of getting his information in certain select demographic neighborhoods.  We didn't want to just distribute information in neighborhoods randomly, we determined the income demographic into neighborhoods that had the finances to pay for and could benefit from his services," Kwankam noted. 
1015 Multimedia & Marketing has MBE Certification and their long term goal is to obtain government contracts and build stronger relationships.  Services include:
- Video Production
- Video Marketing advertising Campaigns
- Cosmetology (film type style of videos)
- Graphic Design
- Photography 
The most fulfilling piece of work produced so far by 1015 Multimedia and Marketing has been a media documentary for a Leadville 100 Marathon in Colorado. "This was a challenge to see what the human body can do while following two marathon runners for 29 hours straight.  As the runners endured their paces, the 1015 crew had to climb and bicycle along with the marathoners in order to capture crossing rivers, endure fatigue and challenges with the weather,"  Kwankam continued to share this memory.  "This was their 35th anniversary of this event with over 600 people at the starting line to run this race and only a few people completed the race.  There were some times when my Jeep Wrangler couldn't handle the terrain in Leadville, Colorado and I would have to jump on my bike to follow the runner," Kwankam continued.  But the images were spectacular and we count it as our greatest piece of work so far".

Their goal is to bring you one more level above where you are now. With cost being at the center of most decisions, 1015 Multimedia and Marketing works with minimal overhead to redistribute the savings to our clients. This company has built their reputation for service and client loyalty as cornerstones to progress and they give all that they have towards providing an excellent project.  

"For example, during the marathon the runner was constantly moving, so I captured a shot of the runner coming through the trees or hitting a new plateau.  We could also shoot him in pain or with the sun coming through the clearing.  This provides a new intensive aspect for the viewer when producing a video.  Adding a suspenseful moment or a still image adds to the video as well.  We are painting the story as we are shooting things, in order to put an emotional connection to the view.  Adding Colorado mountain backdrops and weather changes are a plus as well." 
Get ready to experience a higher level of sharing marketing tools, promoting and realizing growth in your company by collaborating with 1015 Multimedia and Marketing today.  Visit their website at and contact them today!
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