Who Taught YOU how to Manage your Money?

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July 18, 2018 By Angie BEE

Who taught YOU how to manage your money?  This is a question that Steven LaBroi asks when he meets a prospective client.  Physicians go to school to learn the practice of medicine and The LaBroi Insurance Group teaches and offers products that benefit clients regarding tax-efficient retirement strategies.  LaBroi Insurance Group is a nationwide independent life insurance and retirement strategy firm and Steven LaBroi wants everyone to learn to be a “good steward of your money”.

Retirement and financial strategies work for you the younger you are, but as a person ages they generally have assets that can be moved and made more efficient for their lifestyles.  “Your employer, your health and your lifestyle could change immediately.  How do you pay for your lifestyle when that happens?” LaBroi asks.

If you are in your twenties, LaBroi Insurance Group can help you in “Building a Human Equity Line of Credit” to assist younger folks with building collateral; to build assets towards a source of savings for current and future lifestyles.  This structure can cover student loans, home loans, etc, teaching you how to use money management tools that can be used your entire life.  “We try to assist our clients optimize those dollars to help create growth”.


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If you are now approaching retirement, how can LaBroi Insurance Group help you?  “First, we would look at where you currently have your money.  What type of insurance products do you have?  Some policies have accelerated death programs.  These types of policies can be converted to handle critical health care needs.  We also look at what tax-deferred options they have available; as we seldom know what out taxes would be in the future,” LaBroi explains.  “As your health possibly deteriorates and you have to cover unexpected health events, we try to project what the future could hold for you,” LaBroi concludes.  For example, do you have a 401K from a prior job that you can no longer contribute to?  The LaBroi Insurance Group can introduce you to products that offer guaranteed growth and income with that 401K, as well as a zero loss on earnings.  If your 401K is in an investment, it has the ability to earn and grow without losing principle.

Customized permanent whole life insurance can give you access to earn interest on your money while taking advantage of the money you have.  “We are not just discussing the benefits you are leaving for others, we help our clients to give them a certain benefit as they age,” states LaBroi.

Steven LaBroi concludes with this simple statement: “Life insurance strategies have been around for over 100 years.  We break them down so that YOU can benefit from them while you are living, so the wealth gap is closed”.  Contact the LaBroi Insurance Group at 1352 G. Street South East, Washington DC 20003, call (202) 439-6545, visit the website at https://www.labroiinsurancegroup.com/ or email at [email protected]

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Angie BEE